16 May 2010


More and more people are learning every hour what our dabblers have known for years -- there's no better way to put magic in your day than by reading a comic book. The scientific studies proving that point are lying around somewhere, but why wait for us to find 'em? Make your future fun and visit our Present Magic Comics Shop on eBay today! Just click on the link below and discover what we've been doing with our downtime.  We've worked long and hard to ensure there's plenty of amazing deals online, each one selected and priced with you - our dabblers - in mind: Blackest Night action figures anyone? We have a great selection by DC Direct, plus some fantastic full runs on the comics titles you want to read from  almost every publisher around.  It's like our grandma used to say: It doesn't take Magic to find a great deal  on eBay, but it does take Present Magic. Visit us [here] and support your favorite comicsblog now!

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