02 May 2010

Sunday 7: Hollywood's Three Year 3-D Report Card

Doesn't Avatar just pop right into your mind??  

He's made no secret about it: James Cameron is a big fan of using 3-D in movies. We say it's either that or he knows 3-D is just a big fad he could use to his advantage.  Regardless, while Cameron may not have started Hollywood's current obsession with 3-D, he's certainly added plenty of fuel to the red-and-blue glasses fire.  

Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood won't see Russell Crowe in three dimensions, but his long-awaited Alien prequel most certainly will.  The same can't be said for Christopher Nolan's Batman 3, though; we give the most-esteemed director props for calling it out as the cinematic 'distraction' that it is.  But it's quite obvious that plenty of producer-types don't share Nolan's opinion. 

Who's planning to add the technological tweak to their films, you ask?  Conveniently, the folks at Film Releases have compiled a listIF of all the movies known to be going 3-D in the next two years. Overall, we're not too happy to say our axiom above stands up pretty well. You'll have to leave us your Back Issues - and your opinion - after you peruse their list [here].

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