02 May 2010

Sunday 7: Fan-Made Movie Poster For THE AVENGERS May Be Prophetic

Fitting nicely into place for the Sunday 7 four-spot is the latest fan-made movie poster to make the world wide rounds -- Tony Trinh's vision of  The Avengers.

Trinh's dubious inclusion of Iron Man 2's War Machine aside, we think the poster kicks some avenging a**!  Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow isn't said to be in Whedon's movie, but Marvel has loved her performance and already is pushing for a solo Widow flick.  Plus, considering that Black Widow's been a long-time if not original Avengers member, her popping up on  screen 04 May 2011 is certainly possible.  (Johansson wants 'in,' too - and she told MTV that much this weekend - here.)

Trinh also made great use of Chris Hemsworth as Thor - and an image we'll be sharing with dabblers very soon! Interesting that Sam Jackson's Nick Fury is the most prominent dude; of course, with the possible exception of  Chris Evans and Captain America, Jackson and his eye-patched Fury will be popping up in more of Marvel's future films than anyone. Don't look for either of them in Thor, however; if Marvel had any early plans to write Jackson into that film, his salary disputes with the studio last fall were more than enough reason to change up Thor's final draft.  To see Trinh's Avengers poster in super-size, right click our image or go [here].

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