01 May 2010

CoMicsMerchant: Four Ways To Celebrate STAR WARS and Still Look Better Than A Wookie

Confession time on the comicsblog....Not one of us here at the Home Office has finished Joe Schrieber's brilliant Star Wars: Death Troopersbut from the way we blogged about it at Halloween, you'd think we would have, wouldn't you? The book's a horrific mash-up of Star Wars and zombies - two of our favorite things, by dabble - but the scribe eventually overwhelmed each of us with his Awesome. We've been too scared to read the last few chapters - it all seemed so real.

But a new year has arrived and by golly, we've got to grow a pair -- even Raley, the next door neighbor chic. (The way that girl wrestles, she probably already has a pair - but you didn't hear that from us.)  Okay, okay, we're joshin'.  We're just playing;  those nuts and bolts that we need to finish up were grown weeks back so we'd be in proper form to look cool in Shanty Shawn's latest -- The Imperial Undead Star Wars T-Shirt.   (Dude must be reading the same book we are!)

Seriously, peeps: Greedo geeks and fans of the undead will both be happy to have that tee hanging in the closet. It's a guaranteed chick magnet -- and it was, like, born to worn by people reading Death Troopers.  Girls like literary guys - you know we're right! Better get reading - and grab yourself that tee while you're at it. You'll be out $24 once you rendezvous at Red Bubble [here].
Of course, big spenders like The Dabbler don't settle for just a t-shirt, however cool it may be.  He goes for the 'complete look' - and these funky-fresh Star Wars LEGO watches will tell every dabbler that you know what time it is. That's what we're sayin'! The Star Wars shop has LEGO's latest in larger-size for adults and in kid-size for the, well, younger folk.   The adult watches sport a nearly 1.5-inch bezel and adjustable band that will never need to be re-sized; the LEGO-pieced band allows you to just snap in some extra pieces or remove as needed to fit! Both lines of the sweet timepieces feature quartz movement, mineral crystal glass, and water resistant to 50 meters. And, of course, they each come packed with a LEGO Star Wars mini-figure! For an easy $30, you can find a variety of 'em [here].
If you've ever tried on a tee-shirt in the dark, chances are it'll be on backwards  because that's just the kinda s*$! that happens to guys like us.  So don't even go there; illuminate with a Star Wars Remote Controlled Lightsaber Wall Light before you even slip the tee over your head.  That's common sense, though the Lightsaber Wall Light is most certainly not.  But it is primo mood lighting, guys, and it's remote controlled.   And it's a lightsaber. What we're saying it that it cuts through the dark as quickly as it cuts through your next potential sexual experience  - and with 7 different color effects you can change at the push of a button, how can you possibly go wrong? It's due out this fall, and you can pre-order this $25 puppy [here].

Now that you're feeling the full power of the Force with your new shirt, new watch, and a well-lighted home with Lightsaber Wall Lights on each wall, you're no padewan, that's for sure. In fact, you're all set  to head off to one of the largest official Star Wars fan events ever -- the Star Wars Celebration V, 12-15 August  2010 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  

Star Wars Celebration V will be the first  event co-produced by both LucasFilm and the Reed Pop Group, which is responsible for the successful New York Comic Con and the new Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Celebration events bring together the best of the Star Wars universe under one roof for three days of programming fun including cast and crew celebrities, fan-run events, costumes, music, live entertainment, screenings, autographs, collectibles, panels and sneak peaks into the future of Star Wars.

If you haven't heard about LusasFilm's national and international Star Wars 'parties,' don't feel too bad; they're new to us, too.  Considering that this year's event will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our fave SW flick - The Empire Strikes Back - as well as the hit  animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Orlando's looking like the place to be in August. 

The way we figure,  too many nasty Wookies at the party means an easy (but stealthy) commandeering of the nearest Imperial shuttle craft and then its just a quick jaunt over to Disney World.  Chances are excellent, though, you'll have a blast. Tickets have been on sale for a few months, but sell-out shouldn't be a problem. Use the Force and find your way [here] for tickets and all the info to plan the best summer getaway you'll find in this - or any -galaxy.

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