19 February 2010

Why 'DIE HARD' Didn't Die -- But We Know Who Did!!

Like few things from the Eighties ever seem to, Die Hard hasn't, either. Maybe it's because we have a hard time remembering Bruce Willis from before his Big Screen-time as New York policeman John McClane; Willis' Moonlighting misdemeanors just didn't suit  that McClane blue collar that Willis wore so well.  Then again,  Die Hard - while certainly changing the fortunes of its  star - was far more than' just another action movie'.  As it began to happen in comics after the 1986 watershed year of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns,  Hollywood's heroes were changing, too; on the page as well as the screen, pop culture's larger than life 'super' heroes were gradually becoming 'ordinary' ones. They made mistakes, they crossed lines, and they bled.  Whether audiences sensed this subtle heroic shift at the time is debatable, but we're of the opinion that clearly, something clicked.  And undoubtedly, Willis' McClane, a less-than-perfect super man, struck a chord and stuck around. For twenty-two years.

No wonder we were so stoked to find this great infographic of Die Hard's Deaths! Raley and I got lost keeping up with who died where, who killed who, and whether Alan Rickman should've made Sheriff after playing that nasty guy Hans.  Who, we now know, fell from the 30th floor. The 30th floor. The 30th floor....

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