23 February 2010

SMALLVILLE'S Allison Mack On Chloe's Greatest Accomplishment

Allison Mack's contribution to Smallville's success cannot be understated, and as the show that chronicles the evolution of a super boy to a Superman enters into the final stretch of its ninth season, Mack's Chloe Sullivan has become its most interesting and enigmatic character.  Chloe, you see, is Smallville's only main character that isn't part of the established Superman mythos. As written, she's Lois Lane's cousin - and at this point in Smallville's weekly drama, she's become an integrated part of the show's superhero community, whereas  Lois herself is still a good leg from getting the scoop on Clark Kent.  By virtue of her existence outside of Superman's comic book continuity, Chloe's also Smallville's' go-to girl,' the one character that everything can happen to that can't happen to everybody else. Though this fact has made Mack's character something of a guinea pig for past plot lines, has also allowed Chloe to develop a character arc -- to change -- more visibly, and perhaps more dramatically, than the rest of the Smallville gang.

What's most intriguing about Chloe is the character's potential to become anything - or anybody. Smallville's fans have been intrigued for years as to who Chloe may yet become, as a name or identity change may one day surprisingly reveal her to be an already-established character from DC Comics' Superman lore.  The mystic hero Doctor Fate even alluded as much in Smallville's Absolute Justice episode earlier this month - and he hasn't been the first to do so.

We take today's quote from an Allison Mack's February 12th interview with Newsarama.com -- because, frankly, it just made us smile. It's also a testament to the interplay of legend building in the comic book universe,  and to Mack's creation of a very pivotal role in the world of The Man of Steel.  DC Comics purchased the rights to Chloe Sullivan, intending to bring her into Superman's comic book canon, beginning with issue #674 of that series. Ultimately, however, those plans fell through -- and DC has no future plans to integrate Chloe into the DC Universe.

Still, while mainstream superheroing may evade her, Allison Mack's Chloe did get the DC treatment.  In 2002, DC Comics published Smallville: The Comic -  a 64-Page Special! - a story set outside of DC's other Superman titles but that did jive with Smallville's own continuity.  Featuring the show's entire cast at the time, the Smallville Special was a one-time event, but its popularity brought Smallville back for a second eleven-issue run  (and TV series tie-in) the following year.  Considering how things are really super-heating up for the series, it's likely that Smallville - and Chloe - will find itself cast in four-colors for a third time.  For both, as we've said, anything is possible.  Need more Smallville or Chloe Sullivan? The place to be is Kryptonsite.com - HERE.
 Left: Smallville (Volume 2) Issue #7 (DC Comics, 2004) 
Right: Chloe Sullivan as her comic book alter-ego

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