20 February 2010

What WOULD Batman Do...? 'All-Day Batman' Becomes Week of 'Covering The Caped Crusader'

We asked ourselves that very question when we set our ambitious sights on producing today's full day of blogging Batman - and the answer became obvious. One day of Batman blogs just doesn't do the Dark Knight Detective justice. - and so, by  decree of The Dabbler himself, abbracadabbling will be extending our Bat-blogging throughout the next week - so be sure to hang around.
Covering The Caped Crusader may have been The Dabbler's great idea, but if we hadn't asked ourselves that all-important What Would Batman Do?, well, we're not sure what would have happened.  Thank goodness that folks at TopatoCo know that people like us - and probably a lot of other dabblers, too - can get into panicky situations - and not just because of blogging, either.  Whether you've been struck dumb and indecisive by a bank heist blunder, news of a new child, getting caught when you never left the closet, or even if you just forgot to cook dinner for the kids, you'll find an answer on the other side of asking What Would Batman Do?  
TopatoCo's new T-shirt won't let you forget those four magic words, and a WWBD? tee tells all your buddies that they can count on you when things go South.  At $17.50, it's a steal - and on a Bat-logo across Sport Grey will never go out of style. Don't freak out!! We've got your linkage right HERE. But if you've already lost it, take that chill and repeat after us:

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