07 February 2010

Super History: From Underwood to Outer Space

In 2005, The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, was home to an exhibit of comic art and memorabilia from the formative period of comic books, the early 'Golden Age'. Among their most prominent displays, Jerry Siegel's desk and Underwood typewriter, the simple machine he used to give life to the Man of Tomorrow. Photo via [link]

Jerome - Jerry - Siegel (Oct. 17, 1914 – Jan. 28, 1996) is one of the most important figures in the development and creation of costumed comic heroes. As co-creator of the most famous of these mythical beings, the immortal Superman, he along with artist Joe Shuster propelled the superhero into the public consciousness, injecting popular American culture with one of the most enduring icons of the twentieth century. [source]

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