28 February 2010

Mark Millar 's Looking for An Unpublished Artist

It's exactly moments like this that the aspiring writers behind your ever-lovin' abbracadabbling (The Dabbler included) wish they could draw a straight line.  Celebrity superhero comics scribe Mark Millar of Wanted and Kick-Ass fame has started a forum thread looking for an unknown artist(s) to work with him on a yet to be named project.

If you've got the talent and the time, Millar's opened a rare door of opportunity to the comic book industry - and while the competition to get in will likely be one tough mutha, now's exactly the time for you to show 'em what you got. Here's what Mr. Millar had to say:

I'm not saying who this is for, but it's creator-owned and I'm looking for someone who hasn't appeared at either Marvel or DC before. The more unusual the better in the sense that I want something a little different here.I might be able to use a couple of people here and have pegged that Curtis Tiegs dude as someone I really want to work with if he's amenable. More on this later, but if you're anime, painterly, non-sequential, cartoony or just a traditional superhero artist please post a sample below. Fame and fortune awaits.Sorry I can't spill the beans on this yet, but you'll understand when you hear what I'm up to. This is a brand new project and I want to find someone awesome that nobody's ever seen before.

Pretty damn sweet, dabbler.  Go on - go check out Mark's Millarworld forum - and tell 'em we sent ya....[Millarworld]

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