14 February 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES: We Are Comics Love

Do you know what is the hardest habit to break?  Well, you'd probably be wrong.  At least, we were -- not to mention all kinds of surprised when we learned that of the seven toughest addictions to quit, cocaine - one of our faves - came in last. Potato Chips, of all the crazy things, stuck it out for a Silver Medal, while the four-letter word that falls  way too easily out of everyone's mouths (get your mind out of the gutter, naughty dabbler!) -- LOVE -- stole the Top Spot.  Yes, love.  Think about it.  After some thought, you'll probably arrive at the same conclusion we have: this study is seriously flawed. Seriously. Why is there no mention of comic books? It's possible that the researchers were either biased or  that they suppressed data -- or, that the number of folks in their sample size could fit in our bathtub. Still, we think the shrinks' mistake was of a more subtle kind: simply put, they failed to recognize that Love and Comics are interchangeable.  We also think that may be exactly why we're sitting in the office blogging instead of being somewhere dark, and shagging. After all, it is Valentine's Day.

And on this lovely day for lovers and haters everywhere, there's no place better to be than on the blog abbracadabbling. After all, if our hype's to be believed, We are comics love letter to the internet.  And now, The Sunday Funnies! 
Super Hero  Missed Connections
Craigslist's personals are to dating what Waiters On Wheels is to fine dining. Time to cook, time to slowly get to know someone before going horizontal, who has it? We all might as well own up to the truth: we like our boys and our salad dressing the same way - on the side. And just when you're ready to get down on yourself for getting down online, Chris Sims of Chris' Invincible Super-Blog fame saves the day by reminding us that even our superheroes can be as desperate as we are. Sims chanced to find several of our comic book buddies' sneaky posts - and while we're sure they'd like to remain nameless, close inspections of their Craigslist-ings should reveal not just their secret desires, but their secret identities, too. Think you'll figure out who's wanting to do who?  We'll tell you -- tomorrow. Tonight, you're on your own - and when you're on your own, you're probably on Craigslist.

  Webcomics Sampler
The Sunday Funnies very first Webcomics Sampler wouldn't be the marvel you see here without the inspired comics humor of Not Really...But Seriously. Creator Stephen Pfeil and his comedic crew updates their online hilarity each and every Tuesday with a new webcomic - or as they like to put it, "a new jpg ...that showcases a random thought, or an interesting cross-over of genres. " If you're in-deep with superheroes, sci-fi, and fantasy, the jokes these guys toss out to the internet every week will keep you in stitches. And if you don't find their stuff funny, Steve and crew hope that you'll never stop liking grilled cheese sandwiches.  Well, not really...but seriously, you'll find all their past installments  - and plenty to laugh at - on their web page, HERE.
Comic Comics
Lois can be a bitch

Batman can be a dick

Mars Meets World
  Valentine Spider 
Marvel Valentine Special - 1997
Hearty Heroes
Can you name all the superheroes that lost their hearts? 
Send us your Back Issues - and you might just get to be our Special Valentine!
Alex Raymond's FLASH GORDON
...Returns Next Week
Comics: A Definition [via] 

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