23 February 2010

Marvel At Two Fans' Teaser Tributes

On the heels of yesterday's fan-made Green Lantern poster, we're stoked to have yet another trio brightening our blog this Tuesday. They're each a testament to the abilities of the artists as well as the Photoshop software they're using. We can't even remember what life - or design - was like before Adobe developed the program. But they must have been dark days, indeed. 'Dark' seems to be the common theme in our newest fan homages to the films of Marvel Comics, too.  Deviant Art user NineTeenPSG created four variants of his Captain America teaser - we picked our fave and stuck it just above. And we went back for seconds, too; 19's Wolverine might be a little dated at this point, but the art's pretty sick. All in all, it's JerzeyHellboy who manages to win it for us at the end, though.  The human-looking Thor placed in the foreground is what clinched it -- and that the pic bears more than a resemblance to Chris Hemsworth  gives  a good idea of what he'll look like in his Thunder duds.  With these breaking across the 'net. we're sure Wave 2 won't be far behind. Stay sharp!

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