13 February 2010

Boy, It's Vintage! BAT-GIRL (Ucan Kiz)

Seems like no matter how far you go, you can't escape the grip of Bat-mania --err, Batgirl mania. From the 1966 television series that took the Caped Crusader and Yvonne Craig's straight to camp, to the resurgence of Bat-babe interest spawned by DC Comics' newly retooled Batgirl series, the Dynamic Damsel is as strong and popular as ever.  

But we'd never have guessed that Batgirl was big in Turkey, too. The one-sheet we found for Semih Evin's 1972 film Ucan Kiz -- which roughly translates as Bat-Girl - proves that apparently she was, especially when out of costume.  The posters (or at least the one below) might borderline being NSFW, and it certainly leaves us pondering what  the good director  had his Batman and Robin wear.  Either way, this is one Bat-tastrophe we'd love to see. [via]

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