13 February 2010

Bob Dob Gives Mickey A Shiner

Black-Eyed Mouseketeers by Bob Dob
Like any comic book artist worth their page rate, painter Bob Dob considers himself a 'visual storyteller' - and we'd have to agree.  While he hasn't tackled the comics medium yet, he's made quite a show with his paintings like his darkly comedic Black Eyed Mouseketeers series.  In fact, most of the characters in Dob's painted 'stories' convey adolescence - but it's a quality trapped within a world where the darker side of human nature doesn't remain hidden.
Dob unveiled the dark Mouseketeers at his last opening in August at Phoenix's contemporary Perihelion Arts Gallery, but we'd spent our Frequent Flier miles and couldn't make the trip. Lucky for us - and you - A Paper Tiger recently released Bob Dob's series as one of their newest art prints.  Black Eyed Mouseketeers is now available as a limited edition 12″ x 12″ giclee for just $100.  And with only 25 printed, who wouldn't want to be one of the  proud few to sock it to the Mouse with such style? [A Paper Tiger]

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