07 February 2010


In the laudable tradition of the ever-fading American art form, the great newspaper, abbracadabbling continues its boldest and bravest comicsblog experiment ever -- The Sunday Funnies!  Every Sunday, we'll help dabblers start the new week laughing with the best of last week's funny stuff -- because as we're so fond of saying, It's not old, it's hilarious!  (We did get kicked out of the nursing home for that, and you guys must be over it by now!)  Our way-too-popular Comic Comics returns for a third showing,  and Space Place is where all sorts of Star Wars Trek silliness can be found.  Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon keeps the adventure alive for its third week PLUS we've got your answers to last Sunday's Afternoon Academic! Want more? No worries, dabblers! If you make it through next week, we'll make it worth your while. Sunday Funnies returns next week!
  Comic Comics
 Big Head Charlie Brown
Too Young To Know Any Better
"Stupid 'Tween, THIS is Twilight!"
Hulk and Spider-Man by Christopher Tupa
 Vader's Got A Wicked BIC
Like any new dad, Vader had his doubts. If you've been in his big black boots before - or know someone who is - then they (or you) deserve the Darth Vader Paternity Test Tee-Shirt by Despair. It's completely black (except for the Vader pic, natch) and way Sith -- all for just $18.00!! Buy one today, HERE.
  Galaxy Far, Far Away - Free Font! (download HERE)

 Carrie Fisher Celebrates Her Memoirs

Outer Space Break
 Alex Raymond's FLASH GORDON
 Afternoon Academic
Dabblers did really well at Sunday's first AA meeting -- but we saw a few mistakes as well. So, in case you've got a question lingering in your head, if you're one of the few geeks who doesn't know 100 Quotes that Every Comic Geek Should Know, then pay close attention. We've got your answers below. Thanks very much to Geekdad on the Wired blogs for putting together such a great list!
 See Ya Next Week....!

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