13 February 2010

Figures In Action! MR. OBAMA'S BOBBLE

While most folks know that Barack Obama is the first African-American to be elected President, a disturbingly small percentage of those polled are aware that Obama's  also the only Chief Executive who hasn't made his Superman obsession a secret  or pushed his Conan The Barbarian collection to the back of the proverbial closet.   

Admittedly, not everyone can be a comic book fan or a Stephen Colbert; however, that doesn't mean that each of us shouldn't consider the possibility that our new President, Barack Obama, might just be a superhero. After all, then-Candidate Obama said so himself during his presentation at the 2008 Alfred Smith Charity Dinner:
If that particular Obama-byte isn't easily committed to memory, Figures In Action! has your perfect alternative -- The Superhero Barack Obama Talking Bobblehead Bobble Head Toy

We know you've been wanting your very own Captain Obama Obama Bobble from the minute Matt Lauer profiled it on Today, and your perseverance has finally paid off. ImagineGate Toys and Funko Toys' Captain Obama is now available in two models: (1) The Deluxe Talking Super Obama Bobble Head that says "Yes, We Can!" when you bobble his head or (2) The Standard Super Barack Obama Bobblehead Bobble Head Toy that doesn't say a word but just looks cool.  And both Obama Bobbles are on sale for over 50% off the regular price --  the Standard's a steal at just $6.00. Leave it to Captain Obama to make our pocketbooks a safer place even in this tortured economy.  Go buy a Bobble today -- you'll find the Deluxe HERE and the Standard HERE.

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