22 February 2010

Misfortune Telling for FLASH FORWARD

We weren't the only ones who had high hopes for ABC's high-concept show Flash Forward before the Fall 2009 Season began.  But within just a few short weeks, the show's clever premise was showing its holes, and after three months, its initial viewing audience of almost 13 million fell off -- nearly by half. Considering Flash Forward's premise -- an inexplicable planet-wide event causes everyone on the planet to black out and see visions of their future lives, only then to wake and deal with the ramifications -- it's ironic that the show's producers couldn't predict the troubles ahead of them. 

Marc Guggenheim, co-creator and Flash Forward's executive producer (not to mention the next writer of DC's Action Comics and former scribe of Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man, as well as the scriptwriter of Warner Bros forthcoming Green Lantern feature), departed last October, leaving Flash Forward in the hands of the show's second formidable showrunner, David Goyer.  Yet shortly after Guggenheim's departure, ABC pulled Flash Forward for hiatus, rescheduling the show for a January reintroduction. Now that date's been pushed back to March; for a show suffering from a bad case of ratings, Flash Forward's time is quickly running out. 
If the protracted hiatus wasn't bad enough, Variety reported earlier this month that Goyer also exited the series in early February to focus on his film career.  As his aforementioned career includes screenwriting Christopher Nolan's next Batman sequel, most people we know aren't shedding a tear for Flash Forward's loss.  Still, we can't help feel for Flash Forward's embattled cast and crew, all of whom must be wondering who'll be steering their 'ship,' what's coming their way next.  
 Perhaps that collective uncertainty was the impetus behind these four new Flash Forward advertisements that recently showed up on Ads of The World.  Publicis, the firm behind the advertising, deserves a round of applause; their use of tarot cards and future predictions gives Flash Forward a 'technicolor Twilight Zone twist' that's truly inspired.  If ABC's sinking ship was half as sexy and clever as these ads, or as forward-thinking as the publicists who created them, Flash Forward's future would be bright indeed...

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