19 June 2010


If you were following our blog (and if not, shame, dabbler!) yesterday, you'll  be happy to know that we're half-way through the Smallville marathon. Not everything went according to plan, but ah, they seldom do. Probably my fault, if you really want to get honest about it.  My crazy notion just 33 minutes into the pilot episode, and by Hour Two, the gang had decided to turn our observance into a drinking game.  Bottles appeared from nowhere, the keg came not twenty minutes later.  And now....now, the night has become blasphemy, with half the crew either passed out or trying to get into the other half's pants  -- and it's approaching two in the morning here. Cool, clammy Springfield, Oregon. This place...this spinning, hazy room...it never seemed so naughty as it does right now...

Where were we...where was I? I. Where am I? Yes. Superman.  See, all those hours with Tom Welling and a bottle of Grey Goose made me realize just how pervasive Superman's presence has been, in literally every form of media these last 72 or 73 years; from stage to screens large and small, novels, newspapers, coloring books, and of course, the comics books... too much to dive into this late. Or when you're only blogging in boxer briefs.  But for a quick  - and animated, no less - survey of the media super,  Vimeo contributor Ray Zablocki [link] does a bang-up job in less than two minutes.  Check it out; one helluva hang-over and lots more for JONAH HEX and DC Comics 75th Anniversary coming at you this weekend. 

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