14 June 2010

Panel Laughs: DONUT BACON CHEESEBURGER Is The Harbinger of Deliciousness. We Swear To God. (10)

We've reached Panel Laughs' half-way and life demands we  take a break from the blog. Duty calls, and Mother Nature's already standing in line. But break time means snack time in at least seventeen languages we know, and there ain't no break like the Donut Bacon Cheeseburger. Word's getting out on this bitch; what was once urban legend, the DBC Classic has now become synonymous with Springfield -- and more stretched-out elastic waistlines than could fill six local bingo halls, two double-wides, and a garage sale.  We learned months ago - months - that in some parts of the country, donuts and bacon are considered health food.  They're not just for cops anymore, no sir. This irresistibly yummy grease-stack is a testament to temptation, and who doesn't love giving to sin?  So go on, hit your glutton button, we dare you.  Bypass was invented for foods like this, and one heavenly bite of a DBC won't kill you...much. Indulge your deepest and darkest-- [here]

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