14 June 2010

Panel Laughs: For Once, HELLO KITTY Isn't Completely Stupid (8)

Hello Kitty's popularity hinges on the fact that she's (it's?) a corporate symbol that symbolizes absolutely nothing. Seriously, we kid you not. The kitten's a blank slate: add meaning, and stir to your heart's content. Artist Joseph Senior apparently got that, and turned out a whole litter of the best mods we've ever seen.  Hello Wolverine cracks our crack up - and you haven't even seen a third of the felines Senior fabricated.  Normally, we'd never even think of bringing Hello Kitty home, but if we ran across one of these...we, umm..might say 'Hi'.  For a whole new bunch of Hello Hilarity and to find your pick of the litter, go [here].

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