07 June 2010


The weekend is here, and so is the FINALE that most have been dreading while others of you just couldn't wait for! The Titans Villains For Hire Special reaches its conclusion today... but as you'll find out, the comics' story doesn't end on the last page.  But that's not the issue for us today; for you, us, and a very troubled Ryan Choi,  THE ISSUE IS...

...Deathstroke! The Terminator doesn't just invite himself into the home of Ryan Choi, The Atom; he's brought friends. Jade, who's angry, troubled, and quite homicidal. The Tattooed Man, fresh from a funeral and looking to whip our hero's ass but good. And then a naked flaming chick Choi's never met. Thankfully, neither will his girlfriend, as Deathstroke allows her to walk away from the other other hottie in Ryan's home --  Cynder. Cynder, or Osiris, a studly Middle-Eastern dude The Atom can't help but fall for... 

Need a re-read, not a re-cap? Go HERE for PART I of the Titans: Villains For Hire Special; for PART II, go HERE, and if you dare,  PART III, HERE.

UP NEXT: Villains For Hire - Under Fire!

Story and all characters are TM and copyright DC Comics 2010. Full solicitations for DC Comics' Titans:Villains For Hire Special #1 can be found on their website [here].

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