14 June 2010

Panel Laughs: ONE MORE DAY TO LAUGH YOUR COMICSBLOG A** OFF --- Tomorrow on Abbracadabbling

Pay absolutely no attention to the lies we dished earlier, dabblers. Panel Laughs has been way, way, way, way too much fun to disappear so quickly -- so we're gonna keep it around for one more day. Abbracadabbling tomorrow tackles PLNs (Panel Laugh Number, natch) #11 thru #20, and somewhere along there, the comicsblog will venture NSFW. Fair warning, and lots of f***-ing fun comin' atcha tomorrow -- we can't wait.  But while you are - get back at us with your vote for today's favorite Panel Laugh. How? Back Issues, baby. It's all about who's got Back, and we're sure you've got plenty -- to say, that is. Faves, raves, rants, or pants - it's all good.  And tomorrow, it's all Panel Laughs.

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