01 June 2010

Jim Woodring's TREEHUGGER Is Freaky Funny Phantasmagoria


It's like Wednesday Addams and Winsor McCay's love child drawing black-and-white old skool Disney on a bad acid trip , isn't it?   Strangely freaky, surreal stuff is the style of Jim Woodring, who's been Seeing Things his entire life and even dropped out of college after hallucinating a cartoon frog during an art class. Since then, he's designed for Mr. T, mentored with Jack Kirby, and even penciled for Harvey Pekar.  Jim, and then Frank, are his best known works, but Weathercraft is his most recent, which according to Woodring is best described as an "unholy hybrid of human ambivalence." If you dig dream art, comics sans words that take you places you didn't think possible without popping a pill, check him out. You'll find his blog [here].

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