16 June 2010

JONAH HEX: MEGAN FOX On A Mannequin For 'Interview'

We came out of the closet as Megan Fox fans weeks ago, and her co-starring role in Jonah Hex has got us pumped. Not super-pumped like a Justice League movie, mind you, but we won't say we're not happy campers, either.  Considering she'll be playing Hex's hooker Lilah, we wouldn't gamble against Fox getting down and dirty with Josh Brolin's bad-ass.  And if that turns you on even a little, Fox's photo shoot for this month's Interview magazine may make you electrocute yourself. She looks sleek and dangerous in black - especially with the black bob - and the poses she strikes while crawling across a naked alabaster mannequin are deadly. Check them all - and read what she said to writer Zach Galifanakis - on Interview [here].

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