15 June 2010


By decree of  The Dabbler, abbracadabbling signs off early with the Panel Laughs sweet 16th comicsblog JONAH HEX, the next film from the new DC Entertainment!

Directed by Jimmy Hayward and based on the DC Comics character Jonah Hex created by Tony Dezuniga and John Albano,   Josh Brolin stars as the titular Hex, a bounty hunter with an unnatural ability to track down anyone -- or any thing.

The movie co-stars Megan Fox as Lilah, the hooker who doesn't miss her mark. And we'd be off ours if we missed Fox playing this saloon slut.  She may not be into robots anymore, but we hear she's gotten really tight with the corset crowd -- and a certain surly 'n dirty bounty hunter from DC's Old West! 

JONAH HEX opens Friday and on abbracadabbling tomorrow!  See ya then!

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