19 September 2009

Your Graphic Imagination: Marvelous Mouse Magic

"So what if this is a new blog?
"What kind of blog about comics can even call itself a blog about comics when they haven't blogged one word on two of the biggest shake-ups the comics industry has ever seen??? I mean, I was shaken. I was - disturbed. Couldn't even make it to the coffee pot! Disney. Marvel. Disney-Marvel! I feel violated, Max!
"No, stop! Don't make fun of me! (Pause.) It was like that movie, you know? Like my own private Idaho or something was invaded by...by Mouseketeers."
You gotta love Raley, my next door neighbor. She's a comic book fan too, so we get along pretty well. Her boyfriend -- the "Max" of her outburst -- isn't so much. I asked them both to take a look at the blog and tell me straight up what they thought. Max was "down with it," and well, Raley -- I think maybe too much information out of Raley.
But she's got a point, doesn't she? August 31st's news of Disney's planned purchase of Marvel Entertainment, along with the news from Warner Bros of their reorganization of DC Comics less than a week later, are seismic events. I felt just like Raley did. Still do.
Bloggers have to blog about what matters to 'em most, or at least that's what the Google guys told me when they sold me this website. So believe me, dabblers. I've just been biding my time. Where those Bad Boys are concerned, my blogs could be legion. Plenty of pointed, scathing discourse coming your way in the days and weeks ahead.
While we're waiting, I think some really cool comic book art is in order. Something magical and marvelous. After all, this is your graphic imagination.
Courtesy of the KirbyMuseum.org, I hope you get a kick out of this really good-humored dedication to the best of Walt Disney and Marvel Comics, brought together with true Silver Age flair. For a bigger look at Disney Fantasia Fun, run over here.

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