16 September 2009

Your Graphic Imagination: Joe Cool

I'm still hoping to get my review of August's live-action GI JOE movie --- yes, the one starring Channing Tatum -- into shape and ready for action (and your consideration) before the sequel gets leaked to RapidShare. I have high hopes.
But, I digress.
Tonight's YGI is about David Perillo.
David is a Philadelphia-based freelance illustrator who's just about my age. I've never met him, but from his work as well as the fact he'll be attending the Pittsburgh ComicCon this weekend at the Monroeville Convention Center, I can tell we've got a lot in common.
I don't know if I'll ever have the pleasure to meet David, but I can tell you one thing that I'm certain of. If our paths had crossed 25 years ago, it' would've been Joes vs Cobras all day long, baby. Joes and Cobras in the backyard. For hours.
As they say, knowing is half the battle.
Feed your graphic imagination with GI Joe and Cobra. Then debrief yourself with David's complete dossier - found on his blog, here.

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