20 September 2009

Mind Reading:With You in Mind

It's a known fact that I'm a column champion. I like the idea of columns sporting nifty, catchy names and regular, reliable content, a central theme, or that at least come from a certain point-of-view. It's sort of like having internal blog continuity, consistency you and I can count on and wrap our ideas around.
Mind Reading makes its debut right here, right now. I've decided that it's the perfect column in which to share with you my thoughts good, bad, and indifferent about the line-up of new characters that readers of Justice League of America, DC Comics' flagship super-team book, will soon be encountering in that selfsame title. (If I'm catching you by surprise, you obviously missed Friday's Comics PageTurner. Take a moment to read up, then hurry back to join us.)
My objective with Mind Reading is to, well, write stuff that you won't "mind reading." Objectively, abbracadabbling is a niche blog. The comics blogosphere is, all things considered, a ghetto in a vast and diverse world wide web of blogs. So I don't have to be a mind reader to fulfill my primary objective; I can safely assume that most abbracadabblers groove on comics, and if I blog about stuff like comic books or the comics biz, I figure most folks will choose to keep reading and see what I've got to share.
Am I right? Fantastic! Allow me, then, to make it official: Welcome to abbracadabbling, the blog with the column you'll never mind reading.
Formalities aside, then, it's time for me to address the rest of you here, our accidental abbracadabblers. To you, welcome visitors all, I know this isn't your first ghetto of choice. I care that you're a long way from home. I understand you don't know too much if anything about comics and superheroes and that all though you've read this far, you're wondering what possessed you to make that mistake in the first place. Am I warm?
I'll tell you what gotcha this far: Mind Reading is blogging with you in mind. The column is yours, amigo. It's here because you are. Deep down, you already knew that, too.
In my "inaugural" post, I mentioned that comics are magic. Abbracadabbling exists because of that magic and my desire to share comics' magic with all of you. Mind Reading, and another new column ComicMeme, will be those places on abbracadabbling where absolutely anyone can look at the world of comics through a different set of eyes. While not everybody's interested in Superman's New World of Krypton, that Superman's "S" is the third most recognized symbol anywhere in our world is a completely different thing.
I think that's interesting. If you do, too, I'm confident you won't mind reading what we've got to share with you in Mind Reading.
Next: Decoding the new Justice League!

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