19 September 2009

Roll Call Crazy: The New Justice League Is Revealed

I checked late Friday night, but word of the final line-up from James Robinson's new Justice League of America hasn't made yet found its way to DC Comics official blog, The Source. But thanks to Dabbler's famous bag 'o tricks, we couldn't be more psyched to be among the first to bring you the long-awaited, much-speculated new JLA roster!
One little glance to the right'll tell ya to expect a League that's a little Old Spice and heavy on the New Car Smell, with just a hint of Very Hairy Monkey.
Robinson cooks it up and former Ultimate Spider-Man penciler Mark Bagely sets the table when they take the helm of DC's flagship team book in November.
Here's who made the final cut:
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan
  • Green Arrow
  • Doctor Light
  • The Atom Ray Palmer
  • Mon-El
  • Donna Troy
  • The Guardian
  • Batman Dick Grayson
  • Cyborg
  • Starfire
  • Congorilla (told ya!)
Way Cool? Hella Lame? Bold New Direction, or Cry for Help? And is that really a gorilla, or just Vixen's new look?
Well, quit your swearin' and stop jumpin' for joy (or whatever you're abbracadabble-doing) and go take a closer peek at the new team right here. Then get on down to our BackIssues and tell us whatcha think. We know you wanna!
I'm the Dabbler, and I'll be back next Monday with my thoughts and more than a little insight on all the wackiness coming our way from the guys at 1700 Broadway. ...See ya!

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