17 September 2009

Media Idea: Fringe Dwelling Like a Pro

Lots of folks I know spen -- I'm sorry. Ummmm... Can you excuse me?
Just. One. Moment. Okay, great! Alarm's set.

Now, as I was saying...
... A lot of folks I know spent the better part of the afternoon checking their iPhone every five minutes in anticipation of tonight's second season premiere of J.J.Abram's Fringe on Fox
Word on the street is that tonight's episode will shed light on last season's alternate realities cliff-hanger, There's More Than One of Everything -- especially where my girl Agent Olivia's (Anna Troy) concerned. It's possible that the show's twists on the parallel universe trope are going to get even more involved, but we'll see. If Walter, Peter, Olivia and Charlie eventually learn that there are actually 52 parallel realities instead of two, I won't be surprised.

I wouldn't be surprised if Leonard Nimoy pops up and says hello, either. With all the alternate time line zaniness over in J.J.'s Star Trek, it makes perfect sense that Spock Number One could slip down a wormhole and find himself on Fringe's other Earth.
Speaking of surprises, I thought the appearance of an alternate universe World Trade Center where the 2001 September 11th attacks never happened was pretty cool. But with Fringe's new season beginning just one week after the 8th Anniversary of the real deal, I'm leaning toward the notion that perhaps the show's producers were going for more audience reaction than The Cool Factor alone could provide. What do you think?
Whatever the reality may be, I'll still be tuning into Fox tonight for A New Day in the Old Town, Fringe's first new episode in months. Plenty of time before it's nine. Am I right?
What? Wait. Is my clock dead? Holy *%@&!!!
Before I run: whether you're a die-hard Fringe fan or a newbie, everyone who's a registered user (and if you're not, go sign-up now) is welcome to join the good folks at FringeTelevison for a live on-line chat, which they'll be hosting along with the premiere tonight (9pm Pacific). They've got a great idea sure to bring even more depth to the Fringe Division, and I wish 'em a lot of luck.
Less-seasoned viewers (like me) still dwelling on the Fringe need not worry, either: the entire first season was just released on DVD as one slick and wicked-looking box set loaded with extras. Run don't walk down to abbracadabbling's very own Amazon.com store and grab your copy of Fringe Season One.

Media Idea: Fresh batteries aren't just for bomb shelters. Keep some handy and be on time for Fringe's second season every Thursday on Fox.

Coming Soon: the answer you've been waiting for will be revealed!

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