21 September 2009

New DC Direct: DC Origins Batman and Batman Reborn in 2010!

I often forget that my obsession with toys -- specifically, super hero action figures -- began years before I really got into comic books. In fact, if it weren't for Mego's super hero dolls, my trusty boyhood companions, I might not be the avid collector and fanboy you know and love today.
From quality to detail, the best super hero action figures of the last ten years have come from DC Direct. As the name and logo suggest, DC Direct's collectible action figures are based exclusively on the many super heroes and villains of the DC Comics Universe, and more often than not, are sculpted to reflect their appearances from specific comic book story lines and the artistic styles of the artists responsible for those same comics.
DC Direct announced mere hours ago the debut of another new line of action figures, the DC Origins series, scheduled to arrive in stores beginning May 5th, 2010. The first wave of DC Origins will include two full-sized action figures packed together, one based on art from the characters earliest appearances, and the other based on art in the modern era. Each two-pack will also include one original trading card featuring each character's retro and modern day looks.
DC Origins Series 1 will consist of four two-figure packs showcasing the past and present styles of Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, and The Joker.
The only unanswered question surrounding the new Origins series is that of pricing. With two figures a pop, whether the regular $17.99 price tag will apply to DC Direct's latest official series is a question even the Dark Knight Detective may be unable to solve!
Even more exciting is the as-yet unofficially announced Batman: Reborn series, also from DC Direct. Abbracadabbling hasn't received too much info on this new line of Batman action figures, but we did manage to score this page from the September 2009 issue of ToyFare magazine:
As you can tell, the line will also begin with DC Direct's customary body count of four action figures: the new Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Two-Face as Batman, Jason Todd as Batman, and the as-yet-to-appear new Azrael.
The first wave seems to sample characters from several of the new Batman: Reborn titles, and with all the changes creators like Tony Daniel, Grant Morrison, Judd Winick, and others have brought our way since Battle for the Cowl began, it's likely collectors can expect at least one additional wave of Batman: Reborn action figures before the end of 2010.
It's also very possible that we'll see a newly-returned Bruce Wayne as Batman action figure in the Reborn series. Abbracadabbling continues to hear more and more buzz that the original Caped Crusader will indeed be returning to the DC Universe next summer.
What do you think about DC Direct's two newest Batman lines? Are they fresh and different, or is DC Direct over-doing it where all-things Batman are concerned? Leave us a Back Issue today!
Batman: Reborn Series 1 is scheduled to hit your local comics specialty retailer sometime in July 2010.

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