16 September 2009

Studio 22: From 22 to 2012

Thanks to Hollywood, characters that once slugged it out on the page are now doing so on the big screen, and with great success.
Yet while last summer may have seen The Dark Knight go toe to toe with Iron Man, the summers ahead promise box-office brawls like never before. It's studio vs studio for years to come, and as Disney/Marvel squares off against Warner Bros/DCE, Sony, Fox, and more, the only sure winners will be the fans.
Abbracadabbling's Studio 22 has scoured the 'net for weeks, and with dates checked and re-checked, is proud to present a first glimpse of the unprecedented number of super hero blockbusters coming soon to a theater near you!
For the best in Super Hero Box Office, keep your seats down, your eyes on the screen, and your bookmarks here. Studio 22 will be back!

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